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Q: Can cw moter be used instead of ccw motersnu?

Preguntado por BG169571216 sobre 2021-07-05 11:42:25

B3nT This motor can be used as CW or CCW. You can change the direction of a motor that's spinning in the wrong direction by swapping any 2 of its 3 leads. (It does not matter which 2 you swap; the motor will spin in the other direction, after you reconnect the two wires.) Alternative: If you don't want to unsolder wires and if your ESC supports BLHeli, you can use the BLHeli utility to change its direction in the ESCs' software. Comment: most motors that come in CW and CCW versions are different only in which way their shafts are threaded: LH vs RH threaded shafts and prop nuts, so that the motor torque won't loosen the prop nut.

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BenjaminWThomas Flywoo F411 iNav 2.6 supports I2C on the 'upgrade' version of this board. (Board hardware self-identifies in iNav 2.6 as FW41.) I'm running on a 4" Sky Hero OB1 frame with Diatone Mamba 30A 4-in-1, GPS+I2C compass and iBus receiver. Everything works great! I have an original (no I2C) board and 3 'upgrade' boards, and have built up one of each. Have been good on first flights with no fiddling on iNav's presets. Heck of a deal.

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BenjaminWThomas Update: after reading up on optimal soldering temperatures (a hotly debated subject) and proper tip cleaning (brass/copper wipe, no viscose sponge or flux) I found that for tiny circuits like 16x16 flight controllers up through DIP boards, the digitally temperature-controlled soldering iron works amazingly well, compared to my analog-regulated Weller WLC100. Nice product, perhaps not built for rough handling, but.. work both pieces work very well, and the regulator is easy to adjust.

BenjaminWThomas 18/12/2020
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