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esf.major@luis_teixeira boas Luís ,li a sua crítica e estou até bastante receoso. acha que a compra valeu a pena ou nem por isso ?

luis_teixeira 31/10/2021
First impression was that of a solid construction. Made of steel and thick alu parts, similarly to a motorcycle. Ordered it from PL, arrived after a week. Package was in good condition (apart from a small hole at the center - maybe pierced for inspection..) and so was the product, without any apparent shipping damage. Left blinker was not working, and left headlight had a missing screw. Opened the battery compartment for inspection, and in my unit the 38 Ah battery module seemed to occupy a bit more space than units from some reviewers. Cable management seemed a bit scary, absolute spaghetti. Mine didn't have any thermal pad for the speed controllers. Fixed the blinker myself, problem was in the switch in the handlebar, which was mechanically blocked from moving to the left completely. Lateral LED's are easy to disable by disconnecting the corresponding cables. The red ring and internal red light from the Cree headlights are harder to disable - and these should be disabled because in Europe red or blue lights in the front of a vehicle are illegal. So far due to weather, haven't yet taken it for a spin. Tested the motors with the wheels suspended. At some speeds, the rotation causes vibration of the frame - perhaps some resonance effect. Maximum speed hit by the suspended wheels was 99 Km/h. Throttle response is pretty violent when set to turbo mode (in any of the 3 "gears"). In eco mode the throttle response and speed limits seem to be the same regardless of the selected "gear". Looking forward for taking if for a ride and obtain further impressions of it.
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