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Preguntado por RobertLauro sobre 2020-05-23 12:27:05

Buddy Measure the space you have and see if it'll fit. The specs are on the product page.

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RobertLauro seriously? it's just a satisfactory product. I just bought the same one I haven't installed it yet. I was kind of hoping to put it in front of my scooter on a separate switch. so it's not as bright as the picture shows it to be correct? by any chance do you have any pictures of your light working?? I really appreciate it if you did my name is Bobby. I'm from the USA. Providence Rhode Island.

전병화 21/03/2020
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Q: Where can I see a speedrun video of this car?

Preguntado por RobertLauro sobre 2020-10-23 11:27:18

nick19800 I ran a speed run yesterday in the wet and hit 21mph

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Q: do you sell or know of where i can get a upgrade one metal please.

Preguntado por tew sobre 2020-06-05 02:29:22

RobertLauro through experience I will say buy a better truck... I made the same mistake no worries. I only got 30 or 40 different trucks anyway one eighth scale all the way up!!!

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Haliography No,for 9116 car,you should buy 8265 receiver box,product id:1671544

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Q: what is real speed of car

Preguntado por Hendry sobre 2019-07-27 10:38:58

RobertLauro well?

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RobertLauro just to let you know I did put them on my truck, and I had to take them off because they made my wheels and rims wobble. It happens to everybody who buys this product

BG104816451 16/11/2019
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RobertLauro yes you can put 6s in this truck, but watch the motor. Only for a couple of minutes to see if it gets too hot

jancisbb1717 02/10/2019
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RobertLauro I too had problems with the same exact thing steering servo arm broke

Muhannad1408 02/03/2020
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Q: does the 4s battery is included?

Preguntado por ricardomunoz sobre 2019-01-11 12:43:28

RobertLauro the battery and the charger are not included. come on now just think of what you bought for a second oh, and now think of how much a 4S battery is, now think of how much a charger would be. now how much did you pay for the truck? you see what I mean. 😉

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