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Q: can anyone tell me if it's pre-rooted?

Preguntado por zaf_4 sobre 2021-10-25 09:23:02

georg Dunno how but I had to go back to Factory Settings, then saw 'root checker app'...and it's rooted now, taadaa!

2021-11-25 02:54:01 Servicial (1)
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zaf_4 πες μας λίγο πως σου φαίνεται και την νύχτα. Επίσης έχει αισθητήρα καταγραφής όταν είναι σταθμευμένο;

vaggelisg7 11/01/2023
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Q: is it just for one seat?

Preguntado por zaf_4 sobre 2021-12-02 12:25:47

mskdrift yes

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