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Q: is the hex 5 mm?

Preguntado por FANNARBESTI sobre 2023-03-20 05:39:11

The seller No,these tire hex is 4mm

2023-03-21 01:54:58 Servicial (0)
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Q: 50KPH, 35KPH or 30KPH....which is it now?

Preguntado por FANNARBESTI sobre 2022-04-26 11:35:01

zipzingzoom it could be all 3 speeds are correct, it says it has 3 rates of speed... low 30, med 35, high 50.. all just speculation, i dont own this

2022-05-31 01:30:33 Servicial (1)
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Q: Will these tracks fit the HBX Devastator?

Preguntado por FANNARBESTI sobre 2022-05-20 03:50:55

The seller No,these track wheels hex adpater is 3mm,hbx devastator 2098b car is 7mm,they cannot fit

2022-05-22 22:01:43 Servicial (0)
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Q: What is the top speed of this vehicle?

Preguntado por Fannar Þór Bergsson sobre 2020-04-17 05:34:31

gravytrain I can't find anywhere that says it but around a slow jog🤷‍♂️

2022-04-05 13:58:36 Servicial (1)
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Q: Does it float?

Preguntado por Fannar Þór Bergsson sobre 2019-12-28 13:32:27

BubblesLFFL no it is splash proof so you can drive through puddles or mud and small streams

2021-09-18 12:06:03 Servicial (1)
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Q: Can anyone confirm the wind resistance of 14m/s?

Preguntado por Fannar Þór Bergsson sobre 2020-01-14 12:27:18

WoutNL I'veflown the drone early in the morning in quite windy conditions off of the coast line in Tenerife. It seemed to handle that quite well, although I doubt it was near 14 m per s (50 km per h). It was... Ver Más

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Pleased This product decription has the video,you can see it to assembly the gears

2020-01-05 21:38:43 Servicial (0)
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