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Q: Hi, I dont find it in INAV list. Can someone help me? tks

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desjaak Yes anyone got this working the github build serial 1 does not work

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Q: Its compatible with BR2216 racestar motor?

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BG213545170 These propellers are not compatible with BR2216.

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Q: I don´t find this board in ESPRESSIF link page

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Wharfinger this is not the ESPRESSIF product.

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Q: What is the pitch of the t8 screw?

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P2rfaiaDemure 2mm pitch, 8mm lead.

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Q: To use LV8729 driver, remove all 3 straps in base? Tks

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Sniftywas Driver current algorithm and its adjustment: 1. Driver current algorithm: i=Vref*0.9, the default Vref about 0.4V, so the default current 1.2A, and maximum current 2A 2. Please DO NOT connect the mo... Ver Más

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