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Kerteszradio 13/01/2022
Arrived in half charge. Before first charge the cells well balanced! The weight is 252 gramm. (The original is 240gramm.) After the full charge i get discharge test an Skyrc B6. See the results on photos! Note: the imax not discharge the Li-Hv battery under 3,2V. Measured capacity: 3822mAh. So recommend. And VAT free.
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  • Kali1803 Good day. How satisfied are you with the time lag with the battery? Thank you very much for your understanding. Thank you for your possible answer.

    Reponder 21/01/2022
  • Kerteszradio Apologizefor the delay. The flight time is the same as the original battery. There was once a battery info error but it disappeared after I took it off and put it on. Probably caused by poor contact. This happened during the flight. The main and - pins are multiple so no crashes. Again: it happened once. There are no other issue. Not a fault, but a different operation: this battery counts every charge started as a complete cycle, while the original battery counts two half charges as one. I hope this helps.

    Reponder 16/02/2022
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