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  • 2019-12-04 06:09:00

    It is close to the minimum size as 18650 light. The diffuse light distribution is suitable for EDC applications that illuminate nearby. The dent of the clip is good for a finger. Unfortunately, the switch is too soft and there is no click feeling.

  • James
    2017-06-27 01:09:54

    Likes: small size makes it a carry always torch. Just on and off is great as no annoying flashing. It has a nice light pattern with a spot of about 300mm at 2m. But the light out put is very poor, I expected it to be much better may be mine is faulty? See attached photo. Photo 1 is the dog photo 2 is a LED lenser P3 with a nicad battery from the same distance.

  • Doctor
    2017-10-26 22:52:23

    It is nice to have a variety of lights on hand. Most important for me though, are my EDC lights. I carry three lights everyday. One in a belt sheath is a custom Convoy S2. A simple and robust light, with my preferred battery, the 18650. The second, is a Manker E02 and is strictly a back-up. It clips on the edge of my Swiss Army knife sheath quite securely. My primary light is a Manker U11. It has proven itself in every way, and I love it, but, I am prone to find new things, and I try them out for

  • 2018-01-30 17:33:28

    Tiny for an 18650 light when compared to my Olight S2R :-) The hotspot is tighter in comparison as well. I ordered the CW version and the tint is very very similar to my Olight. I’m very happy with my purchase and will order the NW tint as well. For the price it can’t be beat!

  • Basti
    2016-04-24 01:44:53

    wow, extreme tiny for a 18650 battery. very good quality, very bright.

  • pielus
    2016-06-05 16:19:22

    Extreme small for a 18650, one of the best EDC. The number of modes suitable.

  • 2016-03-29 16:23:25

    For an EDC light what do you want? 50 different modes? Not me. Just a few that adequately covers the simple tasks. Need to get up int the middle of the night and can't remember what mode your light is on? No problem with the DQG 4th Tiny. Always comes on in low which is more than adequate to prevent breaking your neck stumbling to the bathroom. Need more light quickly? A double click form off on the comfortable switch gets you to medium and a triple clicks gets you to high. From any mode

  • James
    2018-04-20 20:57:27

    This is the second one of these I have bought; this one is for a friend. I like it as it has minimum functions (I don't want flashing) and is the smallest light that I found that runs on 18650 batteries. the light out put is very good I carry mine always and use it many times a day I usually only need the medium setting but use it on minimum when bush walking and put it on turbo for photos at night. I fully recommend this as an all round torch. cheers James. N.Z.

  • rapalou
    2017-06-30 08:26:05

    je cherchais une lampe légère, solide, capable de fonctionner 1 mois sans être rechargée. ça fait 4 mois que je l'utilise, et je ne l'ai toujours pas rechargée. C'est la meilleure lampe que j'ai eue. le top pour la randonnée. Ne me parlez plus de Maglite et de leurs diodes super chères qui tiennent pas !

  • Bereft
    2017-05-14 05:50:16

    Это действительно самый маленький фонарь на банках 18650. Но на этом с большего достоинства и заканчиваются. Качество исполнения весьма посредственное, резьбы не смазаны и плохие, кнопка мягкая и неудобная. Режимы, впрочем, подобраны нормально, а линза дает довольно яркий хотспот


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