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berrydangerous it just gets to ya. if it wasn't for Bardwell on you tube id be? now ive got the tx16 wich makes it easer as every you tube vid has one and im slowing down and watching vids over and over again till i get it. Love flying and repairing all of it excep the computer part of it! cant stand the so called beginer part of 5"drones? what beginner part? its head first in. And with that beter keep watching vids on my tx16 while i SLOWLY set it up. happy flying.

berrydangerous 16/10/2021
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berrydangerous good luck! 1st you need to go to NASAand spend 5years learnig the computer and beta flight and bl helli, and 20other programs before you can fly! this hobbie is not about the quad and flying? its about computer operating and making a hobbie as hard to get into as posible. there is no such thing as a beginner in this sport, youve been left behind and will never catch up to the pros

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berrydangerous dont buy it. you have to flash to geprcf405 but it wont work! it will bind but wont show controler movments its so much hastle to set up unless you are a pro like the guys on you tube, but for the average joe this quad is not a beginner's drone! its for professionals only! you need to know betaflight and also be a nasa computer operator to get it ti fly, beginner my ARSE

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Q: When I fit a receiver, is it of the plug and play type or does it need soldered?

Preguntado por BG181844316 sobre 2021-06-25 10:28:25

berrydangerous throw it in a box and forget about it it! you can't get receiver to work like about 5hundred others, its a gep fc so its shit! there is no flash for this set up so you can't flash your fc even though its geprcf405. i doesn't exist and if you flash it to what's written on the board you will brick it! get your money back! gep is crap never had a good gep fc!

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Q: Did your device also melt ?

Preguntado por nubFPV sobre 2021-09-29 02:44:25

berrydangerous no thats the whole idea of this thing. i know it sucks learning this crap that the computer heads think every one knows how to work, im at if i can help email me ive gone through the same crap as you! rtf my arse!!! no such thing unles your an expert. ill let you know what i know!

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Q: Will there be a flysky version? If no flysky no buy

Preguntado por monkeyman sobre 2019-10-17 01:40:24

berrydangerous yes with but only with version 2. dont buy the fr sky if your new to the hobbie. frsky is for the people that are good with computers and flashing stuff and all the CRAP that you dont want to be doing to fly a drone!

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berrydangerous the fly sky version is so much better for the novice as fr sky have made their stuff too hard for the novice. if your just starting the flysky version is the best! dont get version 1!!! fr sky is for people that are good with computers and downloading n flashing stuff. flysky you dont have to worry about all that CRAP!!!

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Q: do you have this in stock?

Preguntado por RickyLee sobre 2019-09-09 09:32:41

berrydangerous best drone ever! ive given this drone hell and it still flys? just a good all around drone! the only reason its not flying now is my fault, i chopped the battery leads. but this drone has copped more punishment than any other drone ive owned!

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berrydangerous I've loved these and my wife and daughter both do art professionally and they are so impressed with these, as good as ones 5x the price.

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Q: aun lo tienes en color negro?

Preguntado por Squik_129 sobre 2018-04-08 09:45:48

berrydangerous these would normally cost 5x as much, as good a quality as the most expensive that the other shops sell. My daughter uses them professionally, so that says something.

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berrydangerous you can run that radio but first you have to mount a compatible receiver in your quad. I'm not sure if this one has wires or a plug already connected to the board inside the quad. there is heaps of vids on you tube about wiring receivers and what matches with what. fly sky is good to start with and i believe the easiest to begin learning. Joshua Bardwell saved me from going nuts trying to set quads up now i love them, he's got the best vids. Good luck.

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