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Zorglub Gdgolden's answer (that the 100W LED takes 2100mA) conflicts with the product with id 1222986. That other product appears to have exactly the same LED, and it comes with a constant current driver that provides 3A ± 5% (not 2.1A). PLEASE TELL US BANGGOOD, WHICH IS CORRECT? See

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Q: Are the plants in the photos painted or Photoshopped? The photos are fake.

Preguntado por mileswade sobre 2017-12-07 12:08:10

Zorglub BangGood is a great company, so it's very sad that they allow this fraud. There are hundreds of flytrap varieties - and none of them are blue. This is well known among carnivorous plant growers. Some people who have bought "blue flytrap seeds" on eBay found that they are not flytrap seeds at all. This reduces BangGood's credibility. Please, BangGood, remove this dishonest seller.

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Q: Do you intend to sell a 120v version? People in US would like it.

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sule may be you can see the product 1174281

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