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Q: Do you know the password of the factory settings? Thank you!

Preguntado por StartIT_Kft sobre 2019-07-04 02:43:46

Suyond Not need to set password the factory settings.

2019-07-04 10:35:58 Servicial (0)
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Q: 2GB ram or 1GB ram? in all other places this model ML-CK1018 is 1GB

Preguntado por ferrethi sobre 2019-06-27 11:25:38

StartIT_Kft I got the unit and as other fellows, I also got a different product: Android 6.0, 1GB RAM. I already sent a complain regarding to this problem. So, it was very disappointing. I am waiting for answer from Banggood, how can we deal with this issue.

2019-07-04 03:12:57 Servicial (0)
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StartIT_Kft Nice to hear! May I ask, do you have wiring instruction for the regulator? Which pins are the inlet and outlet? Thanks in advance!

Phantom3 02/05/2017
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