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Q: Is this Waterproof?

Preguntado por BG353815341 sobre 2020-10-17 01:01:08

Patrick Mine got wet in the snow. When I brought it into the house and the snow melted it started smoking with a horrible smell. Managed to disconnect the battery and get it outside. Had to replace the esc.

2021-07-24 03:00:40 Servicial (0)
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Patrick After on a few uses, the charger burnt out and made a bad smell. I have to hope they will send a replacement charger.

Patrick 19/03/2021
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Melvin Rivera I received the flysky fs-16 controller. this is the version 2 so whats in the picture you get

2020-12-10 08:33:59 Servicial (2)
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Patrick Iran mine in the snow and burned out the circuit board. It stunk something awful. It shorted out after I thought I had removed all the snow and water but brought it in the house and about 30 minutes later...smoke.

pitti007 17/01/2021
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cuentochino It'snot so difficult to remove the cutting head! You need to set the trimmer at 2 and then push the blade with your finger! I will try to upload a video somewhere later then come back to update the review!

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