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Q: is it pure sine wave? and 60hz?

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Q: is it possible for you guys to convert this item into 60hz?

Preguntado por BG501101057 sobre 2021-03-29 09:54:57

Gearlos According to the manual, the output fixed to 220V - 50Hz. Its not adviceable (and dangerous) to open and try modify the circuitry. But the Hz doesnt matter if You are powering lights and other non-hz-dependant devices. If You are powering an 220V AC motor - like a drill, the difference in 50-60 Hz is neglegtable. If You are powering devices like a 220V supply for an Laptop (output typical 18V DC), the supply doesnt care about 50-60 Hz (so alike other 220V to fx, 12V small adapters). Allso the input battery Voltage for this invertes is not really fixed to 12V - but ranges from 10.5 to 60V (according to manual). Only output is fixed to 220V - 50Hz. Allso - many think thay have an allmost unlimited supply, but if You have fx. a 60Ah 12V battery and powering a 500W device, the battery with be drained in 1 hour, Allso the 1000W is temoprarly peak (burst) watts, The avarage (continuesly) is more likely 60% aka 600W (or even less).

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