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Q: size of this pump?

Preguntado por Kenth sobre 2020-04-05 02:50:45

Conciliabule No mention{# 80W 3500L/H, Hmax: 3.3M # 60W 3000L/H, Hmax: 2.8M # 40W 2500L/H, Hmax: 2.3M # 20W 1500L/H, Hmax: 1.6M # 15W 1000L/H, Hmax: 1.4M)

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Jose_c Maybe you can contact the banggood customer service team for help

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Q: Hi, can this fan be equipped with a remote control ?

Preguntado por Kenth sobre 2019-07-28 11:20:28

linyijia actually no,its control is install in the wall

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Kenth Its a great rain suit, but extremely small. Im a US size S and European M, but sense I wanted to where a biker jacket under, I ordered size XL. Size XL fits perfectly, as long as I only have a t-shirt under, and the arms are short. That means I need a size XXXL!

Kenth 16/01/2018
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