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BrunoLuz Windows 10 is in English but you could change it for any language you want... and the Keyboard is "American QWERTY layout". In conclusion this computer is in "global language".

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Q: Hi, is it new or secondhand?

Preguntado por ctsarah1994 sobre 2021-08-25 07:05:05

BrunoLuz New

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Q: can the operating system be switched to LINUX?

Preguntado por fernando sobre 2021-06-20 06:06:16

BrunoLuz I don't see any problem of doing that... but it will have to be you instaling the linux.... this computer comes with windows installed.

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Q: The body is made of plastic or metal?

Preguntado por Ewoeimai sobre 2021-06-08 09:51:59

BrunoLuz 100% plastic...

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Q: for how much time it can be used regularly

Preguntado por BG171212401 sobre 2021-05-21 07:54:09

BrunoLuz All day if you want.... but its not a very fast computer... to use professionally and intensively... For that ou will need e faster computer and a more expensive one. This is for a light brosing in the internet.... see some emails...good for writing in word or excel....

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Q: Buenas tardes , la pantalla es touch? gira 360 °? gracias

Preguntado por Ernestoyaga sobre 2021-04-14 03:36:17

BrunoLuz Não. Não é ecrã está sensível ao toque nem gira 360º.

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