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Douglas 13/11/2021
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Douglas 30/10/2021
First thing is I chose the sand color for my FT02S and love It being my only flashlight in this color. This is one incredible little flood light with really good throw. It's amazing just how much light comes out of this little flashlight. Its like having a mini X45 or a X7 Marauder but in a much smaller package with greater throw. It feels great in the hand and like the other many Astrolux flashlights I own is very well made with no flaws in the one I recieved. Price per quality is very hard to beat and having Anduril UI makes it that much better. The User Interface can be a little difficult for first time users but it's very easy to learn. With so many different light settings it is a very fun and useful tool to have and own. Beam shot pictures really do this flashlight no justice because in person its easily twice as bright. In turbo mode it throws a wall of light 180 degrees out for hundreds of yards. In its lowest ramping light output it puts out just enough light to sneak around a room like a spy without and one noticing. Yeah! it is a fantastic flashlight. Its a little to large for EDC but great for night walks and keeping in the back pocket. The only thing that could make this flashlight even better would be a magnet in the tail cap. over all I would give this flashlight a 4.5 star rating among all flashlights and that's a lot coming from me owning well over 50 flashlights from all the top brands. Thank you Astrolux for continuing to brake the mold every year and coming out with incredible flashlights one after the other.
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