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Q: Hi im Living in Mexico.... How i do to Buy.....

Preguntado por Juan Carlos Valencia Garcia sobre 2018-02-18 01:46:27

gbrookes I live in New Zealand and I just ordered it an it arrived... If you look at the top left of the Banggood webpage it has a money symbol and Affiliate and then "Ship to (new zealand flag) and then the words New Zealand and then a comma and then USD. I believe this is so you can set where the product is to be sent to and what currency the prices are shown. Click on the flag and choose Mexico and change the currency to your currency of choice and then see if you can find the product. It will tell you if it can ship to your location because it will then know your location. Note it tells me on most pages for batteries that it can't ship to my location for example. Note I just changed it to mexico and the mexican currency and it shows "Ship to (the mexican flag)Mexico, MXN" and I went on to the page of the item and it says it can ship it fine. It is $501.49 in Mexican currency

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Q: como hago compra desde mexico

Preguntado por Juan Carlos Valencia Garcia sobre 2018-02-18 02:33:40

Bibelot you can buy directly if it is instock

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