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Q: Can i change the double espresso time;

Preguntado por BG183561315 sobre 2022-09-05 07:51:41

zvaraf Yes. See point 7 of the "Make espresso" chapter in the "User Manual". Page 2.

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zvaraf If still is valid: see User Manual, page 2, chapter "Make espresso", point 7.

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zvaraf The brewing time for 1 cup of coffee can be programmed and changed. It can be read in point 7 of the "Make Espresso" chapter on page 2 of the User Manual. Good luck!

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Q: Are this Apa106 F5 ?

Preguntado por BG411184026 sobre 2022-06-20 01:24:39

zvaraf No.It has three LEDs (red, green, blue) in a common case with a common cathode.

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zvaraf Pleaseput the boat into the water! It only works in this case. That's what happened to me too. (Electronics detect the presence of water.)

ChoirulHaq 19/05/2022
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