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Q: Is this item convenient for skoda octavia 2? 👉Model 2012

Preguntado por BnLWALID sobre 2020-11-12 10:23:44

BG441711857 Not sure, You better mention the dimensions. Anyways, I am obligated to tell you that I am not satisfied with this product. it did not fit well on my Tiguan 5N in addition, it is not clear and is dipped too much I had to adjust it myself leaving the camera exposed to the environment.

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Q: works with the FAP application for Peugeot cars?

Preguntado por raduvalentin sobre 2020-12-28 02:17:47

BG441711857 Any app with BT support for OBD2 will work just fine. As for Peugeot cars, search for the requierd protocol to be sure.

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Q: does this work for samsung galaxy s 7 phone , is this hard ridget cord

Preguntado por BG573313471 sobre 2021-01-04 04:24:17

BG441711857 The cord is flexible. It uses 3 USB types microUSB C micro B and USB type A. for S7 download the app and you are good to go.

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