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Q: does it support crossfire modules?

Preguntado por despades sobre 2019-07-18 03:27:01

Zibberman2003 Yes it will work with crossfire but first you need to download the open tx companion 2.3 nightly build and then setup new profile. You will also need a jr adapter plate to hold the full size module, you will also need to modify the bay cover before using foam tape to attach the adapter.

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Q: crossfire support?

Preguntado por despades sobre 2019-09-17 12:21:21

Bassem72 yes but you need the Adapter ( FlySky FJR2 Standard Interface JR Module Adapter Compatible FlySky FRM302 FS-RM003 TBS Crossfire 915 Frsky R9M XJT Spektrum DM9 Module)

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