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Q: Hi, does it work with Sonoff Zegbee Bridge?

Preguntado por NorbertSzabo sobre 2021-01-12 07:29:06

xenapos Hi if that Zigbee hub has 433mhz supports will work.Otherwise i can assure you that this PIR working with RF bridge 433mhz

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Q: Can I turn on / off the alarm when I am away from home, via mobile?

Preguntado por SakisL sobre 2020-09-10 07:12:18

xenapos Yes you can!Also you can arm-disarm automatically when you are out of home with Amazon Alexa.Check on my YouTube channel. Search for "Smart Variety" to see how to

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xenapos Check this on YouTube..i will upload a video..i made it to work with Alexa and Google Home Search on YouTube "How to integrate Digoo hama with Alexa and Google Home Σύνδεση συναγερμού Digoo Hama με Alexa" from Smart Variety channel.I have the sane logo icon as here.

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xenapos I will upload a video soon how to make Digoo Hama security system compatible with Alexa.Also with Hamb...if you want make a sub to my channel and stay tunned to see the video.Searh on YouTube for my channel "Smart Variety" with the same logo image as here.

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Q: Is it working with xiaomi mija gateway 3?

Preguntado por aorga sobre 2020-09-30 12:56:43

xenapos It is only working with RF433 mhz devices.If Xiaomi gateway v3 supports RF will work but i think it is not.

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Q: Is this sensor compatible with the Homekit version of the Aqara Hub?

Preguntado por BG161724231 sobre 2020-09-11 04:09:28

xenapos Yes of course!It works with aqara hub

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Q: Is this camera water resistent or water proof?

Preguntado por SilverSurfer sobre 2020-04-03 10:50:37

Xen not surely is only indoor use.

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