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Q: what is the prop diameter?

Preguntado por STEVE sobre 2022-06-04 02:25:49

zipzingzoom it was 34mm

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Q: which one is more torque more stong 2445 or 2440!!!!

Preguntado por ziad007 sobre 2019-07-11 05:29:50

zipzingzoom the 2445 will have a small amount more torque because it's physically larger the kv# determines the speed.. the difference will be hard to notice because it's only 5mm bigger

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Q: 50KPH, 35KPH or 30KPH....which is it now?

Preguntado por FANNARBESTI sobre 2022-04-26 11:35:01

zipzingzoom it could be all 3 speeds are correct, it says it has 3 rates of speed... low 30, med 35, high 50.. all just speculation, i dont own this

2022-05-31 01:30:33 Servicial (1)
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Q: where can i find the manual of that esc thank you

Preguntado por BG573755421 sobre 2022-03-24 06:14:07

zipzingzoom easy to check Google the manufacturer name and see if they a site of they're own. .....àt these locations you will have your best ;uck

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Q: does this have proportional steering?

Preguntado por BG101154241 sobre 2022-02-12 03:06:35

zipzingzoom no it's all or nothing throttle àn steering

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Q: off roding

Preguntado por BG374183318 sobre 2022-02-11 06:53:39

zipzingzoom No.....crap car, insane high price.... !2 wheel Dr... 12.4 mph. this is a sad version of a kids 1st toy rc

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Q: what size do I need for Eachine EBT04 ?

Preguntado por zipzingzoom sobre 2021-12-11 03:13:42

Heinz0605 Simplymeasure the motor and drive shaft

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