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Q: Where can I buy a second battery?

Preguntado por jurajcs sobre 2022-10-24 03:08:16

Lil_red Dear customer, I think you can refer to the below link.

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jurajcs 08/09/2022
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Q: Which output has 12V ?

Preguntado por jurajcs sobre 2022-01-22 03:11:18

BG231164416 The "out 1" (the orange one) and the "out 3" (the type-c one)...

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Q: What application does the Smart Wifi Power Strip work with?

Preguntado por jurajcs sobre 2021-12-26 10:09:20

The seller Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

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jurajcs The drawer cannot be added to any application. Network setting is correct because other switches and bulbs work. After 5 seconds, he starts to flash quickly, but nothing is connected. I tried to join through Smart Live App, Alexa App, Google Home and eWeLink. Nothing has joined, no device has been added. I recommend you turn on the bar with another SMART switch SONOFF. I am angry. If it has already succeeded someone, please let me know.

jurajcs 22/12/2021
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Q: Czy można myć podłogi z paneli laminowanych? Jak długo schnie podłoga?

Preguntado por BG453354565 sobre 2021-11-29 09:09:56

jurajcs Użyłem go głównie na powierzchniach laminowanych. Podłoga wysycha przez 5 - 10 minut, ale może być przyspieszona suchą rolką.

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