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Q: Would this bind with Tx12 Mk2?

Preguntado por BG105351820 sobre 2022-09-16 12:05:00

lroge yesi did it with my tx16 so on the tx12 it must be possible

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Q: Can i cut for make a word line, example mobile number?

Preguntado por BG491437118 sobre 2022-08-05 02:05:31

lroge yes,that's what it's for

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lroge 22/12/2021
The packaging: Everything is perfectly protected, despite a few knocks on the box everything arrived in perfect condition. Contents of the kit: Everything is there, the necessary tools, a cutting pliers, a usb key with examples and an electronic version of the manual, a PLA spool, spare parts etc. Assembly: Very simple, only 6 screws, in 2 minutes it is assembled. The manual is very clear. Features: This printer has everything you need to make your prints, very large! The possible printing volume is really huge 300 *300 *350 mm it is a giant! You will find an automatic leveling, be careful however to make a first manual adjustment before using it, but this is anyway always the way to proceed before a first use. It has a filament detector which is a real plus. A good size color touch screen, two usb ports. Printing: After correctly setting the z-offset it is a treat, fast, quiet, accurate: a really good machine. The firmware: It is complete, easy to use with the touch screen, you will easily find how to configure and use this printer, moreover 7 languages are available, French/Chinese/English/Spanish/German/Korean/Russian. In conclusion: A real good surprise, a complete printer, really well equipped, easy to use with quality prints made quickly and in silence what more could you ask for... Not easy to find the firmware to update it, the site given is only in Chinese, well it's possible to get there with an online translator like the one provided by google. The manual, although it allows you to assemble and use the printer, should describe in more detail the functions of the firmware. This would have been welcome for beginners, or to configure the wifi. An experience of 3D printing is necessary, to use all the possibilities of this printer, the slicer recommended by the documentation is not free, but the Cura software or equivalent will do the work of slicing, too bad there is no template for this software, so it will have to be configured manually.
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Q: Buenas el producto cuenta con garantía del fabricante?

Preguntado por Keygen89 sobre 2022-04-24 03:16:01

lroge contactarcon el servicio de atencin al cliente

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Q: can you send it to me assembled?

Preguntado por BG554954173 sobre 2022-04-19 04:52:02

lroge it'sreally easy to assemble

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Q: welche dicke haben die drähte ?

Preguntado por BG224046221 sobre 2022-04-14 04:15:54

lroge eshandelt sich wahrscheinlich um Awg 24 oder 25

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