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Q: Can it convert also to a lower voltage, e.g. from 12V to 5V?

Preguntado por BG248255361 sobre 2021-11-12 01:56:07

Kobie I have not received mine jet, but this is a "boost" coverter. It should "step up" the voltage and I do not think it will allow a "buck", "step down action. Obviously with Ohm's law in mind input Watt and output Watt will be near the same less a bit of losses. There are some "buck boost" converters available that will go both ways. for example DD39AJPA 2 in 1 20W Boost Buck Dual Output Voltage Module 3.6-30V to ±3-30V Adjustable Output DC Step Up Step Down Converter Board

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Q: Would a length of 330mm also be possible?

Preguntado por BG391838421 sobre 2021-11-03 02:28:38

Kobie I'd settle for the 380mm or longer a hacksaw, and some "elbow grease". Just make sure to clamp the cut off side in the bench vice so you do not damage the nice finish on the piece you want to use. NOT easy to start the hacksaw cutting on that shiny surface, but when it bite it goes easy. Use a fine tooth blade.

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Q: What is the storage box material? Aluminium Alloy or plastic?

Preguntado por BG184739408 sobre 2021-09-13 08:00:26

Kobie The box is good quality plastic with magnets embedded somehow. The tips and handle is kept in the slots so it does not fall out. The box slide in and out of the outer casing with a clip type of mechanism, like when you install a memory card. Push it in and it stay in. Give it another push and it release to open. Very nice and well made. The handle also hold the tips with a magnet so it does not fall out. I'm very happy with the set.

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Q: Can i feed this amp with a 12v 18A computer power supply without any problems ?

Preguntado por NURULLAH_SARI sobre 2021-07-25 04:14:10

Kobie For sure, it will be a good supply for the amp. You will not have the full output watts but it will be safe. I use a small 12 volt 5 amp supply and it work great. This little one :

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Q: are they 20 pcs male and 20 pcs female or 10 pcs male and 10 pcs female?

Preguntado por BG564750223 sobre 2021-07-17 04:42:41

Kobie 10 male 10 female with quality wire, good product.

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Q: A fita metálica mede até quantos metrosjQuery111304992110671301786_1618078318073?

Preguntado por Jose Luiz de Franca Neto sobre 2021-04-10 01:19:21

Kobie The tape measure is 5 meters and of very good quality. It is wide with a good curve that make it sturdy and not floppy. You can extend it in air without support for at least 2,5 meters, and it does not flop over.

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Q: Does this come with a D shaft? If not, can it be upgraded?

Preguntado por BG574050345 sobre 2021-07-09 02:07:57

Kobie No, just round shafts. It is possible ti file the flat onto the shaft with a good diamond file and some skill if it is needed.

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Kobie 06/07/2021
I've received this laser tape measure for review, thank you Banggood. There are three points that I find that maybe can improve. 1) The laser pointer is only visible without a binocular, or assistant for a limited range, way less than the 40 meters, maybe about 20 meters if your eyes are very good. The lower the ambient light, the better the range. Shadow to darkness is the best, sunshine is out. 2) 2 of the 5 technical people that I've commandeered up to give their opinion, mentioned that the screen is a bit small, and that the key placement is not visible at the same time as the screen. One guy had no right hand thumb, so it is an obvious problem for him,... sorry. 3) The two small round silver dots at the hook of the tape seems to have some magnetism, but very weak. On close scrutiny, it is possible to mount about 1 mm thicker magnets, which may improve the strength a lot., and will be VERY handy. There is about 1 mm space at the back of the hook that allow for thicker magnets, without affecting the accuracy. It is a brilliant idea to have those magnets there. Good points are many. 1) Construction, feel and quality is exceptional, very good. 2) As demonstrated in the first photo, the tape do not flop over if you extend it for a realistic distance without support. Everybody was impressed with that. 3) The functionality, accuracy and ability of the laser range finder is as near perfect as can be under normal conditions. 4) The width and weight of the unit make it stable placed on a surface. It does not make it bulky, and rather give it a positive feel to handle. 5) The belt clip is strong and need some effort to take it off a work belt. It will not just fall off with a unintentional knock or rub against a wall. Obviously, it take some getting used to the functions and sequences in which measurements are taken to calculate area and volume, but it get friendly as soon as you get the working idea sorted out for yourself. I give it 5 stars all the way
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