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Q: how do i know if im buying a 90 degree, 180 degree or 270 degree?

Preguntado por BG403217575 sobre 2021-11-17 04:16:56

Apogee mxkmxk1 When you have this one, you can change the angle at will

2021-11-18 08:25:44 Servicial (0)
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Q: Is a free cover includet?

Preguntado por jannemann sobre 2021-05-16 02:02:24

BG403217575 Yes it was with the tablet I received.

2021-05-16 01:12:05 Servicial (0)
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Q: How is the audio quality? Any comparison with Teclast p20hd?

Preguntado por bazzecola sobre 2020-12-12 05:38:27

BG403217575 good sound not able to compare but the general sound is good, max volume is not super loud but for the price i would give the max sound volume 8 out of 10 and the sound quality 9 out of 10

2020-12-12 04:40:54 Servicial (0)
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Q: kann ich die kopfhöhrer anschliessen?

Preguntado por BG482037159 sobre 2020-10-09 09:35:26

BG403217575 Through a usbc adapter yes but I would recommend Bluetooth headphones instead.

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Q: Can I buy this COD?

Preguntado por BG511364917 sobre 2020-10-14 07:30:40

BG403217575 No Banggood does not offer that service.

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Q: how much is the range?

Preguntado por Abhishek Majumdar sobre 2019-11-10 12:51:11

BG403217575 But mine does 30m easy. And 20m inside old brick building.

2020-10-06 05:58:28 Servicial (0)
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