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Q: any chance AU stock?

Preguntado por chrisssyt sobre 2021-07-24 11:37:29

taxigirl03 They sometimes have USA stock but usually it is China only.

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Q: is this compatible with 4DRC f4 drone?

Preguntado por BG112215381 sobre 2021-06-08 11:34:12

taxigirl03 I have no idea....

2021-06-08 03:21:13 Servicial (0)
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taxigirl03 For a 12" Action Man or GI Joe, the body is closer to 1:10. They are a jam fit with the roof on. I did serious mods, including re-drilling and mounting the seats...I got an extra 7mm of leg space. I've done many mods to it for more room for action figures. Now they fit, it looks better and works better. Nyms

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