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Sam 2018-02-02 17:13:00
I started out just experimenting with multirotors when I came across the world of FPV. Having already sunk a lot of money into parts and equipment (despite trying to get as good value stuff as possible), I was loathe to spending too much on an even further experiment with FPV (i.e. fatshark). Having read a suggestion of these goggles being the cheapest worth buying, I took the plunge. Now being box goggles they are a little on the bulky side, and are a little nose heavy. The great thing about this though is the ability to remove the screen from the head set and set it on a table or some other mount. The overall build of the googles appears to be spot on and well thought out, the material used feels premium to touch but is a magnet for greasy fingers! It was a breeze to tune into the correct channel I was transmitting on, and the included pair of antennae appear to be pretty good at their job. I would say that they aren't the prettiest of headsets (as is the nature of box goggles). I haven't managed to record any DVR yet, the memory card I tried to use seems to be in an incorrect format and the googles will turn off/go black within a few seconds. From a little search online it seems it could be to do with the size of the card (128GB) or the file system it is formatted with (I didn't reformat it as I had just popped it out my audio player to test with). All in all, so far I am very pleased with these for the price, good looking video with diversity and DVR all included + the flexibility of removing the screen.
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