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Q: does it sync?

Preguntado por gallomimia sobre 2023-12-02 03:11:59

notyoung Not mentioned in the one page manual.

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Q: Can the temp display F?

Preguntado por BG431216625 sobre 2023-11-03 09:17:51

notyoung Yes. It's switchable from C to F.

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Q: what is the white wire for?

Preguntado por BG131214613 sobre 2022-07-23 05:39:58

notyoung Red is positive power. Black is negative power. White goes to voltage to be read. Back of PCB has "Vin".

2022-07-24 09:42:29 Servicial (2)
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notyoung No. The two inputs are simply in parallel to allow using smaller wire from the solar panels. Be aware that the PowMr has limits on the lowest and highest solar panel voltages for a given battery bank, such as 20-80 volts solar for a 12 volt battery. Read the manual carefully and be very aware that the PowMr REQUIRES at least 20 volts solar input for a 12 volt battery. That means a single 100 watt panel will probably NOT work as the panel's under-load voltage will be in the range of 17-18 volts and that's not enough.

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Q: Good day. Can I test 1.5V,4V and 9V Batteries with this multimeter?

Preguntado por goldencosta sobre 2021-06-09 06:20:03

notyoung You can measure the voltage of the batteries but that tells you very little about the battery's remaining capacity. For that, you need a battery tester which tests the battery under load.

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Q: How many watts is it ?

Preguntado por BG851134312 sobre 2021-02-19 04:05:10

notyoung No wattage ratings. The 4 models are rated in lumens: A=1000, B=1500, C=3000, D=4500. You can find charts of "lumens to incandescent watts" online.

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Q: Does the remote need batteries?

Preguntado por DSQUARED sobre 2021-02-12 07:22:55

notyoung Yes.

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notyoung The output current is determined by the chips used in the DC-DC converter. Using a larger battery will provide longer charging time but will NOT increase the output current.

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Q: Can I use with Lead-Acid battery?

Preguntado por witb sobre 2020-08-07 12:45:23

notyoung You can use it with any type battery IF you set the voltage range correctly.

2020-08-07 01:17:04 Servicial (1)
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notyoung Soundsvery much like the older MakeSkyBlue firmware which didn't respond well to solar changes and sometimes not to steady solar power for hours - just taking the panels to their minimum voltage and not doing the MPPT check again. It seems programming an MPPT controller to truly track the solar input as something of an art and not understood by all who try.

RblU22 07/03/2019
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